Security Of Payments Act Assistance

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery

Security Of Payments Act Assistance

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery

Security Of Payments Act Assistance

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery

Security Of Payments Act Debt Recovery Assistance for Building & Construction Contractors - Call RECOUP now on 1300 732 687

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Adjudication is the best way to recover money owed for building & construction work.

What Is Adjudication ?

An adjudication is a statutory function carried out by an independent adjudicator who has been appointed by an authorised nominating authority to determine the amount, if any, that is due in respect of a progress payment claimed under the Act. Only a claimant can start the adjudication process.

Adjudication Timeline

  • Lodge Adjudication Application with ANA
  • Adjudicator appointed within 4 days
  • Respondent must lodge Adjudication Response within 2 business days of Adjudicator being appointed
  • Adjudicator has 10 business days to determine the Adjudication Application from the date if his/her appointment

Apply For Adjudication

You Can Apply For Adjudication:

  • if you have not received a payment schedule or full payment within 10 days of serving a payment claim, and
  • if you have, within 20 days of the payment schedule being served or payment being due notified the respondent that you intend to apply for adjudication, and
  • you have given the respondent 5 business days to provide a payment schedule or
  • within ten days of receiving a payment schedule with which you disagree with the scheduled amount or
  • if the respondent does not pay the full amount of the payment schedule

Claims Under Security Of Payment Act

The purpose of making a claim under the Security Of Payment Act is to enable a claimant to eventually, if necessary, apply for adjudication of the payment claim if it is disputed by the respondent

Applying For Adjudication

This is a technical process that requires the expertise of a specialist, experienced preparer to ensure a successful outcome. You can only apply for adjudication within the time allowed.

Enforcing A Determination

Adjudicators Determination is a powerful, binding decision. If a respondent doesn’t pay in full within 5 business days of the determination a claimant can begin enforcement proceedings.